10 Dinge zum Zehnten – BTLs


Your reality? I tell you something about your reality. It is a collection of constraints and rules that you are subjected to every day. For what? To pretend that you are alive and free on very few days? That’s what you call life, existence, reality.

Stay away with it!

Only 20 ¥ and I can be so much more than you. I can experience things you only dream about. I can do things that you never will. I live hundreds of lives … am spectator, observer, actor, extra … on countless levels …

Your reality…

I reject your reality and replace it with one I purchased on the street.

  • Summer of 69 – SpringBreakCrew (Mood-Chip)
  • Mercurial Live! (Rock in Rio) – Fantasy Sound (Live-Aufzeichnung)
  • Desolate Plains – GENOM (Dreamgate)
  • Teardrops on my guitar – Dead Loss (Mood-Chip)
  • End – Rin Kanji (Black Death)
  • Uncoloured Heaven – Turps (Mood-Chip)
  • Doc Rotten – Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse (Snuff)
  • Marine-Combat-V7 – Drill Instructor (Persona-Fix)
  • Greed – Leprechaun (Mood-Chip)
  • Jenna Ni’Fairra – Yakuza Coders (Bunraku-Persona-Fix)